TECU Classic

Bright rolled, high quality copper

TECU oxid

Roofing and façade cladding material, oxidised on both sides: The aesthetic appearance of an attractive, naturally oxidised surface right from the moment it is installed.

TECU Patina

New diversity for a green facade! The many different nuances and shades of the surface blend only gradually. After installation the surfaces continue to develop in a completely natural manner being characteristic of copper.


A copper alloy with a long-lasting warm, brown golden surface. Façade solutions in TECU® Gold give buildings a discreet value image

TECU Bronze

An alloy of copper and tin with a pleasant, warm, reddish brown surface, which develops in a manner characteristic for bronze through the effects of weathering.


Specially tinned copper, surface treated on both sides. The combination of copper and tin creates an enduring, attractive warm grey surface. 

TECU Brass

Bright rolled, high quality copper with many unique benefits: Simple and economic handling, extremely long life and a surface that becomes increasingly attractive. 


Copper: sensationally different! TECU® Iron in the variants TECU® Iron_one and TECU® Iron_two enable you to create fascinating and lively perspectives with copper in facade cladding and in roof design. Light and shade, bright and dark, dry and wet – all generate different optical nuances that make TECU® Iron a popular material for metal facades.

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