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Facade Panel FX.12

The FX.12 roof and facade panel is an innovative, unique element that permits a particularly futuristic surface design through its longitudinal and transverse folds.

This individual look that appears even more different depending on the light, makes each object unique.


The sidings from PREFA allow creative facade solutions. The diverse design options with variable construction widths, with or without shodow gap, with a range of surface and colour options, provide endless possibilities of durable aluminium facade designs.


PREFALZ ® is easier to shape than most comparable materials, as it is extremely pliable. It offers planners a huge range of creative options for use for roofs and façades.
Processing is carried out in accordance with guidelines for the tinsmith trade.



  • Versatile use - from curvy arched roof to complicated roof extensions, domed roofs or large roof areas

  • 13 standard colours, ex works

  • Surfaces available: smooth and stucco

  • Consistent quality

  • Economic, simple and trouble-free to work with, even at low outside temperatures (even below 0°C)*

  • Low weight (approx. 1.23 kg/rm = approx. 1.89 kg/m² with a band width of 650 mm)

  • Long-lasting

  • Fully recyclable

  • Does not rust

Rhomboid Panels

Prefa Rhomboid panels lend remarkable accents to the proven "scaly" appearance. The fascinating rhomboid shape shape allows the realisation of a modern structured facade appearance which emphasizes the high quality of the overall planning and turns any building into a unique whole full of character. The integrated mounting strips allow the facade elements to be quickly and inexpensively mounted.

Prefa Rhoimboid panels are available in three sizes and choice of colours.


Small format facade shingles are regarded as the popular classics in facade design. Thanks to their flexibility, small places full of corners can be realized the same way as large facades.

Extruded Profile

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